ICA fines ‘offensive’ member

The English ICA has fined one of its members #3,000 with costs of #1,800 for ‘grossly discourteous and offensive’ behaviour during a business dispute.

An institute disciplinary tribunal also found Adrian Thompson guilty of defending himself by making false allegations about the person who had complained about his behaviour.

Thompson was found to have failed to meet the standards of courtesy required of a chartered accountant, and was also severely reprimanded.

He had alleged the complainant, a former business partner, was a ‘known forger’ who had complained out of spite.

The tribunal described Thompson’s conduct as ‘reprehensible, unacceptable and unbefitting a chartered accountant.’ The manner in which he had defended himself, it said, had substantially increased the seriousness of the misconduct.

It added that the fine would have been larger had it not been for Thompson’s youth and the point which he had reached in his career.

The dispute arose after Thompson’s business partner went bankrupt. Correspondence became gradually more heated, and eventually began to include offensive language.

A handwriting expert was used during the case.

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