Technology – Navision in mid-market war.

Navision has been forced to delay the unveiling of its new brand name for Navision Financials, originally to be announced last week.

Confusion surrounds the new date of the rebadging, but it is believed it could now take place at the beginning of July. It is thought the delay has been caused by legal considerations such as patenting.

There is no indication of what the product will now be called, however, it is thought the company will call the financials package Navision Solutions.

At the moment Navision Solutions is the umbrella term given to combinations of its packages. The company is looking to change the name to recognise it offers complete packages rather than financial packages only.

Company CEO, Jesper Balser, said: ‘The move comes as we move towards unveiling new initiatives. There is a war going on in the mid-marketplace and we see many battles ahead. We intend to invest substantially in our branding and in new technology for our portfolio.’

The delay in the brand change follows the release of its third quarter results for the fiscal year 2000/2001. Net revenues for 3rd quarter amounted to DKK 326m (£26m) – a 20% growth on last year. EBITA amounted to DKK #4m corresponding to 14% of revenues. Net revenues and EBITA met expectations.

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