Advisers slam charity tax relief scheme

Tax specialists have slammed a scheme which took advantage of a loophole in
charitable donations rules after HMRC’s latest clampdown on tax evasion.

scheme exploited tax breaks for people gifting shares
to charities which
HMRC believes could be worth in the region of £200m.

As the UK economy has been battered by the credit crunch HMRevenue &
Customs has stepped up efforts to bolster the UK’s coffers by foiling tax

This move has embroiled two directors from accountiancy firm Vantis in a
criminal trial at the Old Bailey in January for involvement in a similar scheme.

Daniel Feingold, Senior Partner of Strategic Tax Planning Partnership

“This scheme is merely the latest in a line of schemes exploiting Charitable

relief on share gifts.

The fact that such a scheme was still being marketed, demonstrates that there
are still many advisers who do not understand the boundaries of acceptable tax

“It also shows that legitimate tax planning, not
artificial schemes, is the best way
to plan for the 50% income tax”.

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