How To Make Speech-Making Profitable

It is never too early to start planning for your speech and often an outline immediately after you have accepted is very focused and hence useful.

Find out who is coming and don’t be afraid to call them in advance to ask about their concerns and why they are attending. (This can, by itself, generate good leads).

The title of your speech is important and should be interesting and stimulating.

You MUST get the names and addresses of all attendees, this is your most important task. Here are theree ways you might consider.

The most obvious way – Ask the organiser to provide you with a list of names and addresses.

If that is not possible, ask somebody to collect the attendees business cards when they register and collect their name badges.

Finally, if all else fails, offer a “freebie” to all attendees which they can get if they hand in their business card, or name and address if they don’t have one on them.

Examples of freebies – Master tax tuide, business start-up guide, (freebies that don’t generally work are your firm’s brochures or booklets.)

Make sure you are there in plenty of time. Put your brochure on every seat along with your businenss card, and where appropriate your C.V. People will usually glance through these before you stand up and will therefore know who you are and what you do.

Making the speech itself is a subject for another edition but these steps will allow you to follow-up and generate new business leads.

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