860,000 miss Revenue SA deadline

Officials confirmed this week 8.25 million tax returns have been received, from a total of 9.11 million 2000/2001 SA returns sent out.

The figure will produce almost a £86m cash windfall for the Treasury from the £100 late penalty fines. The consistently high statistic suggests a hard core of taxpayers continually file late returns.

PwC tax partner, John Whiting, said: ‘The number of returns not sent back on time remains very high. We need a clear investigation into why so many people are defaulting, not banal adverts which are a waste of money.’

But the Revenue said it was happy with the figures. A spokeswoman, said: ‘We are delighted with the figures and have beaten our target for the year. We aimed to have 90.5% of returns in on time, but got 90.6%. Mrs Doyle is enjoying a celebratory cuppa.’

Some 75,000 returns were filed electronically, up from 38,981 last year.

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