Iris prevails in trademark dust-up

Accounting Office Software has backed down from accusations it made this
summer that software giant Iris had infringed on Accounting Office’s registered

The issue arose with the launch of Iris Accounts Office software, a name
which Accounting Office claimed infringed on its trademarks.

Accounting Office has been forced into a u-turn, however. ‘We accept we were
entirely mistaken about the legal basis for our complaint and that the Iris
Accounts Office accounting product does not infringe any of our intellectual
property rights,’ said MD Ian Richards.

Iris always maintained that Iris Office Accounts had been correctly
trademarked. ‘Their admission proves a wholly unjustified allegation and we were
appalled that the company chose to contact the press without giving us an
opportunity to respond before it was made public,’ said Neal Roberts, Iris FD.

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