IT News in Brief – 4 March

Y2K Pass! hardware

Millennium compliance specialist Y2K Pass! now offers a hardware-based solution to the year-2000 problem. An expansion card plugged into the back of the PC fixes the bug automatically. The card, tested by Cambridge consultancy General Information Systems, is compatible with major operating systems, including Windows NT. Prices start at #40 for bulk orders.

Virgin Trains orders SAP Druid, the management consultant, is poised to complete an SAP implementation worth #159,000 for Virgin Trains. The project, due to finish this month, is designed to make Virgin Train’s accounting system Y2K-compliant and replaces an older version of R/3.

Baan unveils service module ERP vendor Baan has launched a service management module for manufacturers and service providers. Bann Service takes information from software in-house or third party services and integrates it with the company’s ERP system.

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