Further change on Revenue agenda

At a conference at CIMA’s global management week, Montagu told delegates: ‘We are going through a lot of change at the moment, but it’s very much a case of “you ain’t seen nothing yet”.’

He said that the current wave of promotions, such as the TV ad campaign featuring Mrs Doyle and Revenue sticks of rock, were in line with the changing function of the office.

Besides its role in pensions and benefits, the Revenue is set to take over the payment of child tax benefit to all families with children from the next election. ‘Welfare transforms the Revenue,’ said Montagu.

The Revenue chairman explained that in the past the taxman’s public image had been unfair and that it no longer fitted with today’s realities.

He said the ability to fill in self-assessment forms on the Internet was part of the government’s plan to make the UK the best place to do business.

He said the Revenue ‘will easily meet’ the government’s target to make the public service’s interaction with the public completely Web-enabled by 2005. But, Montagu expressed doubts whether the Revenue would meet its own target to get 50% of the public to use it by the deadline.

Confronted with the fact that the service still has quirks, Montagu admitted: ‘We’re no where near where we’d like to be,’ adding they were working on fixing the problems.

He added the Revenue still had a ‘long way to go’ in making the move to its new ‘enabling and regulation’ image.


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