Taking Stock – Sharman tunes in on the Beeb.

Amid all the plaudits that were being handed out when Lord Sharman published his report on how central government should account for itself, one interesting fact was overlooked.

The dear old British Broadcasting Corporation was singled out for treatment with the suggestion that it should be subject to scrutiny by Sir John Bourn, comptroller and auditor general at the National Audit Office, which recently produced the worrying Tackling Obesity in England report.

TS is sure though that the DG of the BBC will have nothing to worry about.

The BBC is of course audited by KPMG and it would be really embarrassing for them if the books weren’t quite right in the eyes of the fat comptroller.

Lord Sharman is, of course, the former senior partner of KPMG and TS would hate to think that his old firm would be short of work as a result of one of his recommendations.

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