PwC rebrands its ‘best-kept secret’

The practice, part of PwC’s audit arm, will now be called Transform, which the firm claims is a better reflection of the work that goes on there. Servicing both public and private sector clients, Transform helps organisations manage change by, in the firm’s words, ‘getting the people bit right’.

‘Our research shows that 75% of business change projects fail to meet their objectives,; said Mark Dawson, the partner in charge of Transform, ‘and 90% of those failures are caused by people issues’.

‘That demonstrates the huge importance and challenge of getting behavioural change right.’

According to Dawson, the remit of the practice has reached beyond the traditional areas of training and learning. Operating predominantly in Europe, Transform’s 200 consultants now devise solutions to help employees with services ranging from change management and knowledge management, to customer relationship management and web design.


PwC Transform website

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