Hewlett Packard COO makes gloomy IT forecast

Speaking in Singapore ahead of this week’s CommunicAsia trade fair, former Compaq head Capellas echoed statements made recently by HP boss Carly Fiorina in redressing previously held optimism about global IT spend in the second half of 2002.

‘Spending is obviously soft, I don’t think it comes as a surprise to anybody,’ he said, according to the South China Morning Post.

‘We’re bumping along the bottom, and we do see pockets of improved activity around the world, but there’s no indication of a sustained recovery for the rest of the year.’

He did confirm that Singapore would remain the Asia-Pacific headquarters of the HP group but would not be drawn to comment on controversial job cuts expected globally.

Singapore has 6000 staff and HP is looking to cut 15,000 worldwide to help it reach a target saving of $3bn by 2004.

Capellas said that internet technologies would drive the next IT spending boom, with content distribution, audio and visual applications benefitting.

‘The next curve of Internet usage will have little to do with e-commerce, but the explosion of digital content,’ he said.

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