Checklist: Red diesel concession ends

Inland Revenue

The Revenue has informed the Tax Faculty that anyone struggling to meet their tax liabilities due to the recent fuel crisis should contact the Revenue as soon as possible in order to discuss possible solutions.

A contact has been set up for small companies enquiring about whether they qualify for the Enterprise Investment Scheme, Venture Capital Trust Scheme and Enterprise Management Incentives.

Forms for claiming Working Families’ Tax Credit and Disabled Person’s Tax Credit are to be simplified. New forms will replace those asking for details of more than 30 individual income and expenditure items.

The Revenue has announced two new non-executive Board members. Pat Stafford, who has worked for British Airways and BUPA, joined in September. Dorothy Dalton joins next June and has considerable voluntary sector experience.

A helpline has been set up for married women to review their NIC position in light of changes. Call 0845 9155 996.

Customs & Excise

From 30 September the temporary concession ends which allowed motorists and businesses to use red diesel in road vehicles, provided duty was paid.

This concession was given during the fuel shortage crisis.

English ICA Tax Faculty

The Faculty has detailed guidance on the impact of the National Minimum Wage on directors etc, and published our technical representation on the review of tribunals.


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Customs & Excise

English ICA Tax Faculty

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