BDO International boasts 20% turnover gain

Global Co-ordination BV
recorded a 20% gain for the year ended 30 September
in total combined fee income for all BDO member firms world wide, including the
exclusive members of member firms’ alliances, to $US4.7bn (?2.3bn).

Expressed in euro, the 2007 world wide combined fee income is €3.3bn,
representing a growth in euro of 7%, as a result of the weakening US dollar
compared to the euro in the reporting period.

Despite a drop in French revenues, the results by region show strong trends –
up 6% in Europe, fuelled by 40% growth in central and eastern Europe, while the
Asia Pacific and Latin American regions both grew in excess of 20%.

Frans Samyn, BDO International chief executive officer, said the firm’s
accomplishments reflected the increasing number of big companies looking outside
the Big Four dominant accountancy networks.

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