CHECKLIST – Allowance rise for elderly.

Inland Revenue[QQ] The latest Revenue Tax Bulletin (issue 44) has been published and can be viewed on the Revenue’s website. The Inland Revenue announced a review into its enquiry procedures including letter opening, faster working and use of correction powers. (Revenue press release dated 9 December.) The Revenue is also going on the road to explain its proposed all-employee share plan. The roadshows will take place in Birmingham, Cardiff, Belfast, Newcastle and other cities. (Revenue press release dated 8 December.) The authorised mileage rated for employees who use their own cars for business travel will remain at their present level in 2000/01. Alterations have been made to the tax treatment of special reserve funds held by individual members of Lloyd’s. Full details are set out in The Lloyd’s Underwriters (Special Reserve Funds) Regulations 1999 (SI 3308). Customs & Excise Two Customs’ Business Briefs have been published. Number 25/99, dated 7 December 1999, covers tobacco pack marks and bad debt relief and assigned debts. Number 26/99, dated 14 December, has articles on time limits for VAT refund claims made section 33, VAT Act 1994 and on road and bridge toll charges. Chartered Institute of Taxation CIoT has made a submission on making Christmas a tax-friendly season for older people (raising tax-free allowances on low incomes). For further information, call the CIoT on 0171 235 9381.

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