ICAS boss makes plea to institutes

Link: ICAS to offer technician qualification

McKillop, an ex Andersen partner, was distressed at the way the firm ‘disintegrated’ in a few months due to the events that unfolded at Enron and wishes the various institutes had played a greater part in helping provide guidance. ‘It’s terribly easy to say with hindsight, but the institutes should have spoken out earlier and more clearly than they did,’ said McKillop. ‘It’s now part of our rolling strategy to help members deal with day-to-day issues and to be more vocal on public issues.’

Much of McKillop?s year as president will be spent with matters coming up from the strategy working group, which is undertaking a review of the institute’s activities for the first time in over a decade. This will cover areas of education, regulation and member services.

Key areas for consideration is the need to bring in more money and more students and whether the syllabus is fully appropriate. ‘The training model is also something being looked at,’ said McKillop. ‘We have to ask whether it is still right for 2003.’

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