KPMG slams NHS managers

KPMG has found that NHS managers’ capabilities were ‘inadequate’ to turn
around the dire financial situations of their organisation, according to the
latest report from Department of Health finance director Richard Douglas.

In a damning indictment of the severe financial struggles facing dozens of
NHS organisations, the report highlights KPMG’s disturbing findings when
investigating the financial health of more than 60 trusts and 20 health
authorities in December. A further 35 assessments of trusts planned.

Douglas’ report, issued today, states that KPMG had reported that NHS
managers would require ‘support’ to deliver turnaround, and the ‘quality of
information’ available ‘impeded the turnaround process’.

‘The capability of the management was inadequate to deal with challenges of
their current financial position,’ the report outlined of KPMG’s conclusions.

It pointed to a lack of detailed implementation plans and unrealistic plans
to handle cost improvement programmes.

The report also revealed that Ernst & Young undertook the investigatory
work where KPMG was conflicted out as auditor.

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