Accountants in demand ‘remotely’

The increase in Software as a Service and remote working options has meant
accountants are in constant demand according to research by the ICAEW and
Research in Motion.

Of the 566 accountants in England and Wales that were surveyed, 75% said that
due to the economic climate it was vital that their clients are able to contact
them at all times, even when out of the office.

More than 90% of accountants are mobile during working hours with 35%
spending at least 11 hours a week out of the office. Accountants are even
winning business via remote technology as 53% said they had won clients when on
the move.

John Oates, vice chairman at the ICAEW, IT Faculty and partner in Baker
Tilly’s IT advisory practice, said: ‘The research results echo my own
experiences over the last few years. Our clients rely on us to give the sort of
advice that could quite literally make or break their business.

‘In many instances, timeliness is critical and I would simply not be able
provide the service they need in this harsh economic climate if I were not able
to communicate with them wherever I am during the working day.’

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