Rumours of qualification’s demise scotched as CIPFA reveals plans to double intake

The latest figures vindicates the institute’s launch of a new qualification and puts paid to rumours of its early demise.

During 1999 550 new students registered with CIPFA, the highest rise in nine years growth in all the institute’s employer sectors.

Ken Gill, the institute’s education and training director, said: ‘The new CIPFA qualification has received an excellent reaction from all of our key stakeholder groups, including employers, CIPFA members and student members.

‘Developing the qualification in consultation with key stakeholder groups has been particularly successful because it has provided our customers with exactly what they want.’

Anne Ray, assistant director of education and training, said the institute hopes student registration will be up to 900 within three years.

In recent times CIPFA has been accused if being in ‘terminal decline’ after dissident member Ian Perkin launched a one man crusade to transform the ‘disingenuous’ marketing strategy of the institute.

More worrying though was NHS Executive statistics which revealed in July last year that CIMA had overtaken CIPFA as the leading provider of accountancy qualifications for students in the health service.

The new qualification included greater emphasis on strong financial and management accounting, public accountability and a new open learning system.

Steve Valentine, partner at Pricewaterhouse Coopers, said: ‘I am very impressed with CIPFA’s new professional scheme, and the way it has been developed with key stakeholders.’

Perkin loses out at CIPFA

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