OLAF director speaks out after controversial vote

The reappointed director-general of European Union’s anti-fraud office, OLAF,
has promised to stick with the occasionally abrasive approach to his job that
has led to past criticism.

His surprise selection came after both the European Parliament and the
Council of Ministers had said earlier that they preferred alternative

Franz-Hermann BrĂ¼ner said: ‘The only way to show my thanks for this trust is
to continue my work. An anti-fraud organisation does not require or seek
popularity. It needs to earn respect through the quality of its work, through
its results, and by demonstrating integrity and an ability to make the right
decisions even under pressure.’

Countering claims his reappointment left him indebted to EU anti-fraud
Commissioner Siim Kallas, he said: ‘I will fight for stability and further
improvement of our efficiency in full independence, and that means independence
in all directions.’

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