This consists of a telephone helpline dedicated to new and small employers, and locally based Business Support Teams who offer help and advice on all aspects of Payroll.

The telephone helpline will provide help in 3 ways. It will register a new Employer for PAYE purposes; send a pack containing all the information needed for an employer to create a payroll and operate Tax and National Insurance for the first time; and it will give help and information on Payroll queries. The telephone number is 0845 607 0143 (8am-8pm weekdays, 10am-4pm Saturday and Sunday).

In addition to the telephone helpline we have a nation-wide network of Business Support Teams who offer detailed help on all aspects of payroll. This includes:-
– What you need to do
– How you do it
– The deadlines you need to meet
– The forms you need to fill in
– The records you need to keep

The Business Support Teams will talk you through any problems you may be experiencing and can, if you wish, check that your payroll systems process information accurately and reliably. The payroll visit is NOT an audit of the contents of the payroll. It is available to give you practical help and support so that you can successfully deliver your payroll responsibilities accurately and on time.

We have also arranged a series of half-day workshops designed especially for new and small employers and business. We cover the following topics:-

– Paying your employees
– Paying Directors
– Paying expenses and giving benefits to your employees
– Statutory Sick Pay
– Statutory Maternity Pay
– Becoming self employed
– The Construction Industry Scheme
– Tax Credits and Collecting Student Loans

To find out more, or to arrange an appointment for a visit, ring the helpline for New Employers on 0845 607 0143 (8am-8pm weekdays, 10am-4pm Saturday and Sunday) or look out for local advertising.

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