New CFO at AOL Europe

Link: AOL top job goes to chief financial officer

Spackman had been FD and chief operating officer of Time Inc prior to its merger with AOL but then spent time as FD at the Financial Times Group.

Now back with his old employer Spackman will oversee all aspects of financial management of AOL Europe including strategic planning, budgeting, and financial control.

Spackman said: ‘Our goal is very simple: to leverage our existing membership base and strong brand to build long-term value for AOL Time Warner and its shareholders.’

An internal review of AOL’s accounts revealed ealier this month that the company had overstated its revenues from advertising by $200m (£129m)prior to its merger with Time Warner.

Philip Rowley, the former chief financial officer of AOL Europe, was promoted to president and chief operating officer reporting directly to AOL Time Warner president Michael Lynton in September this year.

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