Self-assessment CD-ROM out this week

The updated version – which includes a raft of changes including the introduction of i-file – has been produced following several months of behind-the-scenes development.

iFile is the software utility that will securely upload a completed return. The download of TaxSaver iFile onto a desktop takes from 5 to 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, the Revenue has also revealed the TaxSaver 2000 Lite software which has been available on a CD-ROM since the end of June, will be available to download from the Inland Revenue website from next month.

Taxsaver 2000 Lite gives self-assessment taxpayers access to the forms they need to complete an electronic return.

A spokeswoman, added: ‘Given the size of the download (which could take 1-2 hours) we expect most taxpayers will choose to order and use the CD-ROM.’

Since the Revenue website was launched in September, it has been hampered by technical problems – including site crashes and Revenue staff having to re-key tax information received.

However a Revenue spokesman, said: ‘More than 105,000 individuals have registered to use the Internet service and more than 25,000 individuals have successfully done so.’


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