No immediate successor for Hector

Ian Schoolar, the Revenue’s new marketing director of just six days – and the only one in Whitehall – revealed that while the pinstriped character was leaving permanently, it would take months to decide what kind of marketing campaign the Revenue would adopt.

He aaded there was no certainty that Hector would be replaced with any other kind of cartoon character to get the department’s message across.

Schoolar said: ‘In terms of a replacement we need to take time to think about it.’

Market research projects are now planned at the Revenue between now and the summer when Schoolar hopes to have a strategy in place.

It will be a difficult task for the Revenue which is attempting to change its focus from ‘enforcing’ to ‘enabling’.

Hector’s demise comes about largely as a response to the new direction the Revenue is taking, but his retirement was also brought about because he does not represent the recruitment policy of ethnic diversity that the department is following.

Head of the Revenue Nick Montagu himself confesses to being asked by prospective Asian employees why they should join the Revenue when Hector represented an image of being white, male and middle aged.

Hector is also said to have been increasingly offensive to female employees at the Revenue, many of whom occupy senior positions, including the board where half the members are women.


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