CIPFA members fined for work at council

Link: CIPFA members face vote over mandatory CPD

Geoffrey Underwood Price, former chief executive at the council, received a £3,000 fine and a severe reprimand for unprofessional and in some cases dishonourable conduct, under the professional code.

He was found to have shown a lack of integrity, lack of professional knowledge, disrespect for the law and lack of objectivity.

Former chief financial officer Maurice Tilley was fined £2,000 and also severely reprimanded for acting unprofessionally and, in relation to matters pertaining to his own pension, dishonourably. He also failed to ensure ‘financial propriety’ in his position as CFO.

The fines and reprimands were handed down by the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy’s disciplinary committee after proceedings were completed in April 2003 and made public today.

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