Business Week – For your diary …

Thursday, January 18[QQ] Parliamentary environmental audit committee hearing from BMW and BP chiefs on fuel duties. Microsoft to issue second-quarter results.

Friday, January 19

Arcadia to issue trading figures. Supermarket chain Budgens to issue first-quarter results.

Monday, January 22

Fashion chain Monsoon to unveil trading figures and business support company Ashtead to announce quarterlies.

Tuesday, January 23

Trade and industry committee to launch inquiry into UK aerospace industry. John Menzies and restaurant and pub chain SFI to announce quarterly results.

Wednesday, January 24

Porvair (left) and Parthus Technology to unveil results, Stanley Leisure to announce quarterlies.

Thursday, January 25

Allders to announce trading figures. Lord Owen gives lecture on the limits to EU integration. Protests over job losses in car industry, organised by General Motors European Works Council.

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