Trade unions call for tax on the ‘super rich’

Top trade unionist have forewarned Gordon Brown he faces a new attack from
the Labour left unless he takes on the ‘super-rich’ and distances his government
from its close relationship with the City and big business.

Brendan Barber, head of the
Trades Union Congress,
urged Brown to ignore ‘intimidation’ from the City and to levy a windfall tax on
energy companies as well as make the very wealthy pay more in tax.

Barber, seen as a moderate in union circles, told the Financial
he ‘cringed’ when he heard John Hutton, business secretary, calling
for the country to celebrate millionaires.

He warned Brown he neglected ‘ordinary people’ at his peril and that the
government was not showing the ‘energy and urgency”’ trade unionists would like
to help them through the downturn.

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