Mazars calls for improved audit choice proposals

Mazars has called for the Market Participants Group’s (MPG) recommendations
on improving choice in the audit market to be improved.

The firm says that to improve choice, the MPG will need to develop its
proposals in more detail, focusing on those that will have most impact and
ensuring they are vigorously implemented.

Mazars head of Public Interest Markets and MPG member, David Herbinet, said
the profession should ‘not shy away from the word “competition”.

‘The bulk of available evidence points to a clear lack of it,’ he said. ‘It’s
critical that we increase choice through competition if we are to create a more
dynamic, innovative market focused on quality.

‘When FTSE 100 auditors can expect to remain in place for 48 years and 70% of
those audits are not put out to tender in at least a 15-year period, this does
not suggest a healthily competitive market able to offer real choice to

The main ‘high impact’ reforms supported by Mazars are:
• more frequent audit tendering, with disclosure of when the incumbent auditor
was appointed and when the last formal audit tender was held;
• a broader, more open selection process, with all firms being given the chance
to submit outline proposals;
• improved disclosures in the audit committees’ report;
• an independent study, under the FRC’s auspices, on the benefits of joint

The firm also believes that regulatory intervention may become necessary if
the MPG’s market based initiative does not achieve results in a reasonable

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