Who wants to be a millionaire?

We are looking for a web exclusive business startup. Ideas should already be developed in terms of target market and operations. The winner will receive expert advice and technological support including hardware, software, network architectures and firewalls.

You’ve watched others do it – now it’s your chance to turn your business dreams into reality. If you think you have an excellent idea for an Internet startup, then we can help you do something about it.

Signing up to normally costs £15,000 – which will put your business idea on the map, and online.

The winner of the competition will be signed up to the business incubator for three months and receive expert advice plus all the technology – hardware, software, network architectures, firewalls – that you could need to get your Net venture up and running.

And it won’t cost our lucky winner a penny.

We are looking for entries from anyone with an idea for a web exclusive business startup. You need to have already gone beyond scribbling on bar mats with your pals, and will need to submit a summary of your business plan, which should cover the following points:

  • Target market (size, potential, key prospects)
  • People (directors, managers, experience and background)
  • Buildings and property (leased, rented, owned, associated outgoings)
  • Operations (systems for billings and collections, payments Ts and Cs, Post sales)
  • Sales (resources, marketing ability, tools)
  • Product (details plus differentiation)

You will also need to send submit an outline of the market opportunity and a short description of the business concept itself. Don’t worry if you haven’t finalised your funding, this is something we will also help the winner organise.

To enter, you can visit which gives you access to a special questionnaire. Don’t be daunted by all the questions – this helps the panel decide how serious you are about setting up your own startup.

The deadline for entries is Thursday 11 May, when a winners’ shortlist will be selected. Shortlisted entrants will need to be available to meet the judging panel in central London on Wednesday 31 May.

The judges include representatives from Computing, Accountancy Age, and Robert Dighero, finance director for QXL.

You’ve read about the seemingly endless stream of internet millionaires – now is your chance to become one.

What is
Sponsors is a joint initiative between four major IT players, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, Exodus and Cisco Systems and is aimed at kickstarting business in the UK.

It offers three months of support to new Internet companies, providing them with consultancy services, plus access to a Sun server, Oracle 8I database and a secure computer network infrastructure from Cisco Systems. The server is hosted by Exodus, which provides both a reliable environment that can meet the needs of ecommerce, and a secure site for your customers.

The business incubator services are heavily funded by the IT companies involved but they do not take part of your profits or income as part of the deal.

You can find out more about their services at

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