Taking Stock – And one for the birds.

Birds from all over have been flocking to PKF’s Hatton Garden HQ. And we’re talking the feathered variety.

In a scene that could rapidly change from an idyllic, peaceful oasis in the urban metropolis of London to a scene from the Hitchcock classic, Taking Stock has heard PKF’s gardens are becoming increasingly populated with the feathered creatures.

The invasion began with herons, who come to the mid-tier firm’s gardens to fight over the fish. There is also a couple of ducks, lovers that can be seen smooching around the place, which have returned after a long absence.

But TS recently heard about a more horrifying addition to the collection – an aggressive pelican that swoops down from the PKF roof and tries to steal the fish, terrifying staff in the process.

TS wonders if Norfolk’s missing vulture, which was recently captured, had used this garden as a hide out …

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