Audit quality body backs US liability limits

The push for auditor liability limitation in the US received a boost today
when an influential audit group threw its weight behind the movement.

The Centre for Audit
, an autonomous organization which is aimed at serving investors,
auditors and the capital markets by improving audit quality, has urged the US
Treasury to consider setting a cap or introduce proportionate liability to
reduce the risk of the collapse of another firm through litigation

In a letter sent to the Treasury last week, the CAQ said that the six biggest
audit firms had faced 90 lawsuits with claims from $100m (£50m) to $10bn (£5bn).

‘It could take only one or two cases where settlement is not reached to
threaten a firm’s existence,’ wrote CAQ executive director Cynthia Fornelli,
according to

She also suggested the appeals bonds be capped to make it easier for audit
firms to appeal cases with large damages and for a way to be found for large
firms to obtain liability insurance.

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