UK first for online training as AIA launches cyberschool

The ‘AIA CyberSchool’ will be launched this summer.

A spokesman said: ‘As a response to the increasing number of students with access to the internet, the CyberSchool will present a unique opportunity for students world-wide to study for the AIA professional qualification online.

The programme will combine an extensive range of study and tuition facilities including online access to AIA study material, audio visual lectures, tutorials and assignments, access to AIA tutors providing specialist feedback, accountancy forums, mock examinations and a revision programme.

Philip Turnbull, Chief Executive said: ‘The digital age is presenting exciting opportunities for those operating in the education arena, and embracing the developments of technology for the benefit of our students is a primeobjective.

‘70% of our student population is now on-line. This has resulted in a major change in the delivery format of the study courses being demanded by individuals. Market research undertaken by the AIA to date has demonstrated that there is a great call for delivery of on-line courses, and as far as I am aware the AIA is the first UK accountancy body to officially announce its intention to launch an on-line programme commencing in 2000’

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