City analysts back brands

The survey also reveals that more than 800 analysts want to see all acquired intangible assets capitalised.

Produced by Brand Finance, the brand valuation company, the survey indicates that analysts want to see more information in company accounts with 76% saying that more information on brand values is needed.

David Haigh, chief executive at Brand Finance, said: ‘Our survey reveals the strong demand for more information.’

He added: ‘The strong demand for brands on the balance sheet suggests that the City, not only accepts but demands to see brand information in published accounts.’

In the survey 56% of analysts also said that independent ‘third party’ valuers should prepare intangible assets included in annual financial accounts.

Brand conducts the survey to gauge the view of City analysts on the adequacy of information provided on marketing and branding, including expenditure on advertising.’


Brand Focus – Ensuring intangible values really figure

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