Arctic Sytems result due next Wednesday

arctic systems

Geoff and Diana Jones of Arctic Systems

The long-awaited final judgment on the husband and wife tax battle between
Geoff and Diana Jones (Arctic Systems) against HM Revenue & Customs will be
decided upon at the House of Lords next Wednesday.

The case, which has run since the Jones’ appeared in front of the special
commissioners in September 2004, will finally conclude at the Lords before they
go into recess.

The case has resolved around the way the couple split their salary and
dividend between them within the structure of their company Arctic Systems.

Chris Bryce, director of the Professional Contractors’ Group, which has
backed the Jones’ in their battle, said he was pleased the decision would be
made before the Lords appeal sittings went into recess until the winter.

Tax expert Anne Redston has previously said that even if the Lords decided
the Jones’ arrangement was set up in advance they might still add that the
couple were exempt of tax under gift exemption rules.

The result will be heard at 09.45am.
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