HMRC reveals tax ‘amnesty’

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A tax ‘amnesty’ for offshore account holders has finally been announced by HM
Revenue & Customs, after weeks of conjecture about how the taxman would deal
with customer details obtained from the major UK banks.

has set up an
disclosure facility
to enable potentially hundreds of thousands of
tax evaders to pay tax.

The payments will have to include the full tax and interest for up to the
past 20 years, but penalties will be set at 10%. Those who continue to evade
their tax liability will be hit with a higher penalty, up to 100% of the tax
owed, and could face prosecution.

The taxpayers must notify HMRC by 22 June that a disclosure will be made.
They then have to make the full payment by 26 November.

HMRC has estimated it could make a £1.75bn haul from the scheme.

‘One of the worst-kept secrets is now out, and I’m expecting the scheme to be
successful,’ said Mike Warburton, senior tax partner at

Based on the success of Ireland’s tax amnesty, Warburton predicts HMRC could
bring in revenues of £5bn.

‘As I’ve said before, HMRC doesn’t want to overstate what it could bring in,’
he said. 

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