Software suppliers under fire

Accountants in practice have voiced disgust at the business software
industry’s inability to provide users of different software products with
programmes that can be integrated.

The ICAEW’s IT faculty
found that despite the fact that most of the 700 practices surveyed in a recent
report used more than one software package, business IT groups were still
dragging their heels when it came to integrating with their rivals.

‘Of the firms that do use more than one software supplier, the majority
believe that those systems are not sufficiently integrated and re-keying of
simple data may be required,’ the IT Faculty report said. ‘There was a
consistently strong belief from the majority of respondents that the IT industry
is not doing enough in this area.’

Paul Booth, the
ICAEW’s IT faculty
manager, said pressure was mounting on firms to push ahead with
integration.‘There is going to be an advantage for the first-movers towards
integration. Software groups that don’t go ahead with integration will be left
behind,’ Booth said.

The ICAEW has launched a programme known as XAPL, which promotes integration.
Leading providers have signed up, but there is no deadline for full compliance.

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