HMRC admits it broke interventions pledge

A number of taxpayers were investigated by HM Revenue & Customs
despite the taxman’s pledge that non-participation in last year’s controversial
interventions project would not result in further investigation.

admitted in
summarising and evaluating
last year’s interventions project that
‘less than 20’ non-participants were referred for further enquiry, even though
participation was voluntary. ‘Procedures were put in place to prevent further
recurrence,’ the report stated.

senior tax partner Mike Warburton said the enquiries would
discourage taxpayers from taking part in the future projects.

‘Will HMRC get as many volunteers next time? It’s not cricket,’ said

The interventions project piloted a number of schemes to help taxpayers pay
the correct tax without resorting to tough enquiries and investigations.

However, the schemes were criticised by some advisers, arguing that the
profession had not been consulted on the introduction of the pilot, and
interventions were confusing and potentially illegal.

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