Accountants ‘least satisfied’ workers in the UK

Link: Accountants just can’t leave the office

The study, undertaken by Foundation Degrees, which looked at levels of career satisfaction, examined 1,000 people across the UK and found that 53% of accountants wanted to leave their current employment.

It also uncovered some unexpected statistics -nearly two-thirds (63%) of people working in accountancy did not choose to enter the profession but ‘drifted into their current job’, while nearly a third said they regarding their job as just a way of paying the bills.

One in five accountants said they would like to resign, but are scared to because of the fear of not finding another job.

A spokesperson from Foundation Degrees said: ‘These statistics make it abundantly clear that a large number of accountants are far from happy in their current working environment.

‘This has significant knock-on effects for companies – on the one hand, an unhappy workforce leads to low productivity and low customer satisfaction, while on the other hand, high turnover can be extremely costly and disruptive.

‘The trend is for people to drift from one job to another, constantly dissatisfied yet lacking the skills to do what they really want.’

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