BIG QUESTION: DO YOU WORK TOO HARD? – Most FDs ‘work too hard’.

Finance directors are under pressure to work longer hours with 80% stating that they work too hard. This week’s Accountancy Age/Reed Accountancy Personnel Big Question survey found FDs felt they had to work harder to do their jobs. ‘Although there are standard hours generally people do tend to work longer hours to ensure that work is completed,’ John Gregory, FD at Dainippon Screen Eng of Europe said. ‘They do however receive the credit and rewards back in other ways.’ ‘IT revolution has not made life easier and in some ways increases pressure,’ another director said. Just 11% said they did not work too hard, with 7% neutral. ‘I am paid to do a job and have to work to do it but I do not regard it as too hard, George Sutherland, financial director at the University of Edinburgh said. ‘I do think though, that more executives are under pressure due to an increasing culture of deliver or leave, particularly at the middle/senior rather than top management level.’

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