New York firm to join PKF international network

PKF International
(PKFI) has approved major US-based accounting firm Eisner
LLP to become a member.

The addition of Eisner, the 7th largest public accountancy firm in New York
City to both PKFI and PKF North
(PKF NA), will add to the international network’s aggregate
annual fees of more than $2bn (£1.2bn), with its $135m revenues.

Eisner managing partner Charly Weinstein said the network was a “great fit”,
and that they plan to use their resources together to enable significant growth.

Wolfgang Hofmann, PKFI chairman, said: “Our goal is to become a leading top
ten global accountancy network. One of the key member recruitment strategies for
achieving this is to target larger firms that share our vision to build a strong
global network that can provide a wide range of services to mid-size and larger
clients. We are confident that Eisner will make a huge contribution to
strengthening the PKF brand in the USA.”

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