E&Y to dress flexibly

The reason for the decision was a mixture of factors, said a spokesperson. ‘E&Y wanted to remove the artificiality of having just the one-day a week flexible dress code. It was also recognition of a culture change within the business environment.’

E&Y, however, denied the move was a ‘dress-down policy’ and therefore an excuse for staff to turn up to work in t-shirts and jeans or scruffy clothes. ‘It is a policy of flexible business dress with the emphasis on smart and comfortable clothes,’ said an Ernst & Young spokesperson.

Although the professional services firm has finally succumbed to the trend already employed by most of the Big Five and in existence in the US since the late 1980s, it is determined that employees’ attire should match that of their clients’ dress code. The motto is ‘if in doubt, wear a suit.’

However much desired, employees have not been running to their wardrobes to slip into a pair of slacks and a comfortable shirt. ‘Most are still wearing suits. I think it will take some time to adjust,’ said the spokesperson.

This spring, what should I be wearing to the office?

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