ERP is ‘finished’

The new buzz appears to be about CRM – but Nagpal does not believe CRM is attractive in its own right. He says it needs to be coupled with the right back office solution.

‘Once a good back office is in place then CRM can happen faster and cheaper, with faster adaptation times,’ he says.

With this in mind, Navision will be demonstrating Commerce Gateway, one of the first solutions based on Microsoft BizTalk Server 2000, a universal translator that enables any two systems to exchange documents.

Commerce Gateway is a business-to-business solution that opens up Navision Financials to electronic document exchange. It aims to help mid-sized companies take advantage of business-to-business collaborations.

The exchange of information in Commerce Gateway is handled in a graphical user interface, which makes administration of the system very simple.

‘Commerce Gateway will make it possible for our mid-market customers to participate in the supply chains of much larger companies,’ Nagpal says.

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