Checklist – Help with company cars.

Inland Revenue[QQ] Draft regulations have been announced to set out improved information reporting on savings income which will help the Revenue co-operate with tax authorities in other countries to combat international tax evasion and avoidance.

The Revenue has published the latest edition of Working Together, which it writes to help inform and assist tax advisers.

To help employers with company car tax changes, an early version of the appendix which is being added to Revenue booklet 480 – Expenses and Benefits, A Tax guide – is available now on the Revenue’s website. The detail explains how the scheme will work and includes a ready reckoner to determine the relevant tax charge using the new carbon emissions method.

The Revenue has released its departmental investment strategy outlining what it is going to spend on what over the next few years.

Customs & Excise

The latest Customs business brief covers community transit reform, the European Court of Justice ruling on VAT on road tolls and ‘end-use’ relief legislative changes.

English ICA Tax Faculty

The Lords last week debated tax simplification after a question relating to the Tax Faculty’s Tax Manifesto.

Elections will be held in 2001 for four seats on the faculty’s committee. Nominations must be received by noon on 16 February 2001. Polling day will be 29 March 2001.

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