Quarter of all email viruses hit UK companies

Link: Sex email epidemic in accountancy

A report from anti-virus service provider MessageLabs found UK companies received over 25% of all intercepted email viruses in August, second only to the United States.

Three per cent of emails monitored contained a potentially harmful payload.

Around one in 40 emails to retail and leisure companies were infected, with legal and finance companies getting less than one in 400.

Klez H. is still the most common virus, accounting for over two thirds of all viruses detected.

‘The leisure and retail sectors are those with most contact with the general public and as such are most vulnerable,’ said Mark Sunner, chief technology officer at MessageLabs. ‘Klez.H is now very rare among companies but in the last day we’ve had 20,000 new cases, mainly from Hotmail, Freeserve and AOL domains.’

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