Microsoft shows world its new face

The campaign will target the small to mid-tier market following the acquisition this year of Danish software company Navision.

Preben Damgaard, head of Europe and Middle East operations for Microsoft Business Solutions and former president and CEO of Navision, said: ‘Still I’m not convinced that end users are aware that Microsoft has business solutions.

‘They know of Navision and they know of Great Plains, but they do not yet really consider Microsoft as being a vendor of business solutions.’

To meet this challenge following this year’s acquisition of Navision and that of Great Plains in 2001, the software giant is rebranding all new and acquired products to include all three brands.

‘Through the branding we can stress and underline that Microsoft does have business solutions nowadays,’ said Damgaard.

Damgaard is confident in Microsoft’s ability to ‘educate the marketplace’.

‘Now it’s our turn to take on that challenge to let users know that Microsoft is seriously investing in development of business solutions. And the approach is backed by Microsoft capital.’

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