Citigroup’s audit committee head to step down

Citigroup’s audit committee chairman, Michael Armstrong, has stepped down
following accusations from shareholders that he failed to adequately oversee the
risk-management process in recent months.

Critics claim Armstrong, 69, is partly to blame for the mistakes at the bank
during the credit crunch as it endured more than $20bn (£10bn) in losses. Other
directors admitted they were unaware of the company’s exposure until the
write-downs started accumulating, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Senior management has become a target for investor groups. Last month the CtW
Investment Group called for the resignations of Morgan Stanley chairman and
chief executive John Mack, and directors Howard Davies (pictured) and Robert
Kidder, even though all three executives have been nominated for re-election.

Armstrong will remain a member of the committee.

In the meantime audit committee members of US Washington Mutual, also face
calls for their resignation.

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