SFO sets up whistleblowers’ hotline

The Serious Fraud Office has ramped up efforts to head off major corporate
scams by setting up a hotline for workers in the City.

This follows the SFO issuing a warning shot to accountants reminding the
profession to approach the department early if they suspected fraud was taking

On its website, SFO director Richard Alderman said: ‘Everyone in this country
and around the world is aware of the current global financial situation. Indeed
many of us are suffering from its effects.

‘As financial institutions and financial instruments come under pressure, it
is possible that more and more instances of fraud will emerge and employees,
directors, investors, indeed, the companies themselves may become victims.

‘The Serious Fraud Office has initiated a review of the current position. We
have contacted financial institutions, professional advisers (both lawyers and
accountants), inviting them to work with us to help identify problems.

‘Now we want to go further. We are appealing for individuals to get

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