Welsh Lib Dem leader faces probe

German, leader of the Liberal Democrat group in Cardiff, is facing an ongoing investigation relating to time he spent working at the European unit of the WJEC.

The audit by Bentley Jennison, and commissioned by the WJEC in March, examined credit card expenditure and general financial controls. But after its enquiry a WJEC report said: ‘German’s responses do not appear to address the specific questions put to him nor are they consistent with information held by the WJEC.’

The WJEC has publicly detailed its comments on some of the issues raised.

German told the auditors he had not used his corporate credit card after October 1998. But WJEC records show the card was still in use in February 1999.

He was also questioned over travel routes to domestic and foreign destinations for business purposes. The WJEC questioned his use of business class and first-class airport lounges, saying it was ‘not normal practice’ and ‘outside accepted expenditure regulations’.


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