Oracle outlines PeopleSoft integration plan

Link: Oracle takeover will not divert PeopleSoft users

Executives were on hand last night to present plans for creating a standards-driven IT platform based on a shared data model, with products focusing on areas such as financial services and public sector.

Chief executive Larry Ellison introduced ‘Project Fusion’, the strategic move towards this architectural vision, and suggested an integrated application suite would be available by 2007.

‘By retaining over 90 per cent of PeopleSoft’s development and support organisation we can deliver on our commitment to all of our applications customers,’ said Ellison.

Oracle has also pledged to continue support for existing PeopleSoft products. This will include its Enterprise range, and the EnterpriseOne and World lines pitched at mid-sized companies.

Peter Ryan, Datamonitor customer relationship management analyst, is not surprised at Oracle’s plans, but doubted its ability to execute on its proposals.

‘My concern here is what kind of buy-in it will get from PeopleSoft customers,’ he said.

On the viability of Project Fusion, Ryan added: ‘Anything that reduces confusion for customers – right down to the technician who maintains the systems – is to be welcomed.

‘But it’s very ambitious – 2007 is only two years away. I think there will be issues with motivating former PeopleSoft employees and competition from SAP, where Oracle has bitten off more than it can chew.’

‘We are impressed with the commitments Oracle has made to both the PeopleSoft customer base and the inherited J.D. Edwards customer base,’ commented Ronan Miles, UK Oracle User Group chair.

‘We believe that the acquisition will lead to a stronger Oracle and improved return on investment to customers as the product sets absorb the best features of each other.’

Estimated release timeline, outlined yesterday by John Wookey Oracle Applications Development senior vice president: PeopleSoft Enterprise 8.9 will be completed in 2005, Oracle E-Business Suite 12 (2006), PeopleSoft Enterprise 9 (2006), JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 8.12 (2006), Ongoing JD Edwards World enhancements to be delivered continuously, First Project Fusion components, specifically data hubs and transaction bases, (beginning in 2006), Initial ‘Project Fusion’ applications available in 2007, Project Fusion’ applications suite delivery in 2008.

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