Microsoft security warning is a hoax

Link: Microsoft hit by attachment virus

The email, which plays on people’s fears of virus and hacker attacks, invites recipients to call a premium rate number so they can find out more about downloading a patch for the Windows operating system.

There are a few clues to show it is a hoax. The domain name from which the email is sent,, leads to a website that is non-existent. Microsoft does not use premium rate numbers for customer help and the email gives no clues as to what version of Windows the patch is for and why it has been released.

A Microsoft spokeswoman said that people should just delete the email.

As Microsoft does send out security updates via email, anyone unsure about a message received from the software giant can go to, or can check on to see if the patch is listed.

The hoax email reads:

Dear Sir / Madam

ref: Windows Security Update.

Please call Microsoft Technical Support on 0871 750 1250 for yourMicrosoft Windows security update.

Due to recently intensified Internet Virus and Hacker Attacks, it is vitally important that you update your personal computer’s Microsoft Windows operating system.

Please call 0871 750 1250. Thankyou.

Kind Regards
Microsoft Technical Support
Anti-Virus/Anti-Hacking Windows Update
Tel: 0871 750 1250

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