Protestors hold anti-euro funeral

The CIB, a group which calls for Britain to exit the European Union and remain ‘self Governing’ carried the coffin, which bore the message: ‘Death of 12 nation-states – killed by the Euro.’

Jim Reynolds, organiser of the protest, claimed the demonstration was aimed at bringing to the public’s attention the dangers of joining the euro.

Reynolds told the UK Press Association: ‘We will lose control of interest rates, taxes and monetary policy.

‘The countries who have already accepted the new currency have lost control of their economies, they can’t set their own interest rates or determine economic policy,’ he added.

Earlier protests today have taken place at Liverpool Street and other locations in the heart of the City. Protesters donned black armbands and handed ‘death notices’ for the 12 European currencies that have been replaced by the euro.

Polls conducted by Accountancy Age show that FDs are warming to the idea of joining the euro, although public opinion polls shows the majority of Britains are still opposed to joining the single currency.


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